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If you are a CEO, chairman, director or owner of a company in the South Pacific, have you thought about how much more you might be able to increase your wealth and reduce your risk if you considered listing your company on the South Pacific Stock Exchange? You don't have to be a large company to do this. In fact, all you need is over $100,000 in paid up capital and be prepared to offer at least 10% of your shares to the public. With this in mind take a look at our simple calculator to see how easy it might be to multiply your wealth if you go public to help grow your company.

Calculate your wealth NOW

Valuation Calculator - to calculate the value of a company today depending on whether it is
  • private or publicly listed
  • 10 year bond yield
  • investor's perception of equity risk premium.

Savings Calculator - to calculate future value of person's savings depending on
  • current saving
  • monthly saving addition
  • time to retirement/need
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