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Investment Selection

We employ a disciplined investment selection process to identify businesses with strong potential and exploit inefficiencies in the market.  Each potential investment identified by our team undergoes rigorous analysis at three levels:
  • Macroeconomic Level – the economic environment including employment, inflation, income, regulation, taxes and the political climate.
  • Industry Level – the industry in which the business operates, and how the various marcro-economic factors affect the industry.
  • Company Level – the competitive position of the business within the industry and its potential in the long-term, with emphasis on its management quality.
Significant analysis and due diligence is undertaken at the company level where detailed information is collected through personal visits ad extensive discussions with management and other relevant parties.  Our due diligence process includes:
  • Discounted cashflow (DCF) analysis and modeling
  • Competitive analysis using Porter’s Five Forces Model – threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, and existing industry rivalry.
  • Analysis of business strategy using tools such as the DVD Model (Differentiation, Value and Durability).
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